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An Old Mind With A Young Face: Harriet Dale.

Harriet 'Haz' Dale is a young aspiring and very talented writer, this is definitely one to watch out for, so I grabbed her before she becomes famous and too busy! For someone so young (20), she writes in the view of someone wise and long lived, so as glad as I am we have a true writer like this I wanted to know why she started writing in the first place:"I started writing when I was a child, I always loved reading and my parents had always urged me to seek literacy. I was always good at English and enjoyed writing a great deal. Being at university I still get to indulge in writing but it’s very confined to science and fact, I found myself missing the beauty of really exploring the world that you can create with words. I began writing some silly thoughts, notions that I had, ideas that appealed to me, and suddenly I found myself loving it again, like I did as a child. It’s beautiful to be able to create very real emotions through words on a page, evoke reactions from peopl…

Slightly Cynical, Supernatural & Adolescent; Brian McGreevy.

Yes, that's it Velvet fans, freak out with me! I am beyond happy to share this interview with all of you guys! Whether your a book worm or a fellow Grove-ian (Hemlock Grove Fan), you will love the words I was lucky enough to have shared with myself. Now, to stop me over rambling as per usual, here is the interview in it's original form; here are the wise words of Hemlock Grove author Brian McGreevy.

What was your inspiration for Hemlock Grove?
I wanted to use monstrosity as a means of processing my own experience of adolescence in a small, rust belt Pennsylvania town. This lens refracted both the inner state of being a teenager, which consists of  a series of extreme and often violent transformations, and the physical landscape, described in detail in the novel, of industrial ruin interacting with striking natural beauty. This sort of tension between opposite ends of a polarity, light and dark, good and evil, human and other, defines the gothic genre, a tradition I wanted to fin…

Stolen Skye: Character & Author; Nina Loard.

Nina Loard is the beautiful and talented author of Stolen Skye, a book she hopes to turn into a trilogy with the sequel already in progress; "In Stolen Skye, we have a heroine, Evelyn, who loses her job and is going through a fairly dull period in her life. But, we soon learn that that wasn't always the case. Years before, a car crash robbed her of her memories of living abroad after she dropped out of college. Two chapters in and her past comes to find her in the form of a very sexy Irishman. She travels back to London with him to learn more about her past and to understand how she could have fallen in with a band of thieves. Pieces of her past come back to her, culminating in a final memory that shatters what she has come to believe. Telling her story has been one of the most fun and challenging things I've done in my life. I am truly hooked on the characters and proud of the way the story reflects my constant journey as a writer."

Nina is known for her passion of p…

Velvet has teamed up with Crossroad Pictures to start making music videos for the talented, the crazy and the willing-to-give-us-a-chance musicians out there!

It's all about the fun, the experience, the demo reels, the promotion, the advertising, the publicising, and so on and so forth! What I am trying to say is we can have so much fun and get the publicity we need at the same time!

Any questions or recommendations of maybe your best friends band or something, get in touch now!

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Spread the word & spread the music guys!