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Sia 'Elastic Heart' Video; Nothing But Art!

Right since everyone else is going mental and voicing their extreme argument about Sia’s video for her new single ‘Elastic Heart’ I thought I’d stoop to their level to voice mine. I’d like to start on an unprofessional level by saying that people’s comments about ‘sexual tension’, ‘sexual dancing’, etc are ridiculous; I say this not to be a dick but as an appreciator of art and that’s all this video is, art. It’s been a long time since a music video has made my eyes moist until I saw this video, as a fan of Shia LaBeouf I am not surprised his portrayal was emotion filled and hypnotic and as for Maddie, she is younger than most of us with talent I can only dream of gathering. With saying that I don’t think their talent was used to make a video with underlying tones of sex and paedophilia, we leave borderline offensive sex appeal with Nicki Minaj and the rest. Which leads me to another point; why is everyone moaning about a video with contemporary dance yet barely anyone moaned about t…