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Starred Up Review.

Cast: Jack O’Connell, Ben Mendelsohn, Rupert Friend. Directed By: David Mackenzie. Written By: Jonathan Asser.
Starred Up (2014) is a prison drama film about Eric Love who is transferred to an adult prison and is a very violent and aggressive character. They say he has met his match when he arrives and it turns out one of the inmates is his father. It follows his violent attacks and classes he starts with voluntary therapist Oliver Baumer who is determined to help him calm down.
Now this film, I wish I could describe in one word but that is impossible, this movie is a revolution in British cinema, real, honest and gritty. The only way I can describe it without listing every word that means bloody brilliant is; it’s the best prison film since McVicar (1980). This movie hides nothing and is honest, what we see happens every day, my favourite kind of film and the films I want to write are just like this; it shows you a dark reality that most people refuse to see, refuse to acknowledge and th…

The Amityville Horror & It's Remake.

Pick a Film and a Remake of that Film and Examine the Differences in Terms of Style and Your Aesthetic Response to the Remake

The Amityville Horror is a well-known title within the Horror genre and a large percentage of audiences will know the title, be them horror fans or not. The film(s) are based on the same titled novel by Jay Anson, which has been noted to be loosely based on the true homicidal event that happened to the Defoe family, in which eldest son Ronald Defoe Jr shot and killed his mother, father and the other four children of the Defoe family.
The Amityville Horror story has so far been created into ten films, excluding Andrew Jones’ The Amityville Asylum and British film Bloodbath at the House of Death (1984), which were spoofs of previous movies and just based on hauntings in Amityville, New York. Two noted films both the original The Amityville Horror (1979) and its 2005 remake of the same name are the two Amityville’s I will be analysing and comparing within this piec…

American Horror Story: Denis O'Hare ARTICLE/INTERVIEW.

This is amazing Velvet People (My little nickname for this imaginary gang we are all in), the interview I have posted below is with none other than the brilliant, brilliant actor named Denis O’Hare famous for his roles on the stage as well as Gus Van Sant’s Milk (2008), True Blood (2008-) and the award winning show American Horror Story (2011-). Now I won’t lie, I am a huge lover and respecter of AHS which is why this interview is so exciting because not only did I get to talk to an amazing actor, I got to question him on AHS.
Denis is known by AHS fans as either Lawrence/Larry, a burns victim who lost his family or Spaulding, the butler that cut out his tongue with love and loyalty and has a strange obsession with dolls. These are both every strange and different characters to play and Denis himself does not seem like your twisted type, but that is what makes AHS so brilliant and Denis so talented, you believe him, love and hate him. I wanted to know what Denis’ points of view of th…

The Revelator, The Neuromancer, The Control: William Control. LATEST BOOK INTERVIEW.

Now this interview, on an unprofessional note, has caused me to still be in shock because to know that I have got myself this far, far enough to be able to interview William Control on his beautifully twisted art is just surreal. William is an artist of all trades, in songs he has considered himself the liar, I consider him the honest one, almost fearless, maybe broken, but still fearless.
William Control released his book in October 2013 titled; Revelator Book One: The Neuromancer, which Control fans were extremely excited about. Before I take you into the interview with William on his latest book, here is the beginning segment from Chapter One that William posted on his official Facebook as a teaser; (Scroll down to go straight to interview)
Chapter One.

Stranger we become through the blurred lens of violence. Visions drained of color and sound. Sometimes, I don’t recognize the monster looking back at me, and in the mirrors of my own sanity I try and gracefully look away as often as I …

More Than Sharing, Just Art: Bertie Gilbert. ARTICLE/INTERVIEW.

Bertie Gilbert, a well-known and very entertaining YouTuber and 367, 668 subscribers will agree with me. Bertie started like most YouTubers by making videos talking about his life, opinions and the rest but now what we can expect from Bertie is more than being a YouTuber, now he is a filmmaker and has been uploading short films for everyone to watch! I, as a screenwriter & potential filmmaker, find Bertie’s projects very entertaining and even inspiring, so I was very happy when he agreed to do an interview with me and I got to ask him, why? How? And what more?
Why did you start making short films?
Well, many reasons. One of them being because film encapsulates almost every artistic medium. You've got storytelling, music, colours, performance pieces etc. Film is such a great way to combine the efforts of many to create something that shows all of those things to the viewer at once! My dream is to direct features and I don't think that's every going to change.
Why YouTube?

Breaking Good & Talented: Charles Baker. ARTICLE/INTERVIEW.

Well guys you are probably reading this because you like my interviews? Or you’re a big Velvet Film fan? Okay, more realistically, you’re probably reading this because you’re a BREAKING BAD fan?! Either way what you are about to read is not just an interview with Skinny Pete, it’s an interview with Charles Baker; a quick rising and talented, talented artist. I also consider this interview as a milestone for Velvet! So woo! Anyway back to the professionalism…. Without further a due below is a great interview, with the great Charles Baker on acting, ELEVEN ELEVEN and more.
“I've always wanted to entertain people. But I didn't realize that acting was going to be my thing until college.  I was a music major, thinking of becoming a music teacher, when I was asked to be in a play. I had done several musicals in college, but never a straight play. I did the show and fell in love with it! I changed to a double major Theatre/music and started working in all of the local theatres in my are…


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Michael Smiley: A Great British Shadow. INTERVIEW.

Michael Smiley, a great British actor, a man of both serious and comedic range starring in TV Series’ like Luther and Wire In The Blood as well as starring in award nominated comedic film The World’s End. Michael greatly enough answered a few of questions about getting into acting, favorite roles and more great Smiley work we can look forward to.
Here is my interview with borderline legend Michael Smiley, a talent I believe is wrongly kept in the shadows sometimes. Enjoy the words of something that is slowly becoming rare; an honest and greatly talented British actor. How did you get into acting? In my early stand up years I wrote one man storytelling shows that then became a trilogy of plays, for Edinburgh Fest in the late 90s...Then when Simon Pegg and Jessica Stephenson were getting Spaced together, they wrote 'Tyres'  and that's how it started.
What is your favourite role you’ve played so far and why? Well Tyres was fantastic fun, as it was my first real role on TV and to …


I have been working hard and writing excessively these past few months creating my new baby! Psych a Webseries I neeeeed to create, I'm so passionate about this series I am determined to put words to screen! 

I have spoke about it in my podcast, a mini series about women in a mental institute suffering from both common and rather mental disorders. Now I need support from you guys, I am going to start getting production companies involved if I can but I am also looking for people to get involved to help me with the creating and filming process so if your interested get involved!
Want to be a camera man? A cinematographer? Even a director?! Then tell me! Help me!
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