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#NerdBlock Re-Unboxing!

Today I received a pretty package through the door which was my first EVER Nerd Block; now a Nerd Block, for those who don't know, is a genius idea in which they pack collectibles and figures and t shirts and many others things from your favourite films, TV shows, Games and more!

You only know a couple of the themes for each box and this month was Game Of Thrones and the original 80's Karate Kid so I had to! The exciting thing about Nerd Block, is not just that it's great value for money, but the fact that you have no idea what you are going to get, making it like a monthly present surprise!

Tracking back a bit, this box costs $19.99 and it is around that actual price in GBP which is relevant to me, but compared to the total all the bits in the box comes to, it's completely worth the money because you save and gain, as well as having the best tools to nerd out with!

I wanted to post all the pictures of the wonderful pieces I got but my camera has died and I have no ba…

Years & Years; Guardians.

Throughout my life I have found much solstice in music; it's been my escape, it's been my rhythm and it's completed whatever style phase I am tragically going through at that time. However, in the nicest why it's only been the music for me, I haven't found a depth to it, well at least not for the past 4-6 years. I have definitely lost that strange bond with a band that I used to find so easy to tie when I was younger, perhaps I was more sensitive back  then or I'm listening to irrelevant music now, I have no idea! But that loose end has been tied once again, so worry not my Velvet-y readers, music is making me sell my soul to it yet and again and thanks to the band Years & Years, I have already passed it over and now just waiting for the receipt!

I am quirky as I can be, or at least think I am, in my ramblin's and my articles, but I don't want to use that side of my personality for just a small while because in the simplest words; I believe this bea…

Sad Loss: Richard Davalos.

I am a huge fan of James Dean and in that it has lead onto other obsessive people and past mediums that are connected to the amazing work he has done and that is how I found the awesome film that is East of Eden (1955). It was a fantastic adaptation of the last few chapters of John Steinbeck's novel of the same name, which I actually ended up reading after seeing the film and even though it isn't the type of book that I usually read, I could not put it down and was in shock at the brutal realism that I seemed to forget everyone goes through.

In speaking of this glorious part of cinematic history, this piece isn't actually completely about that, this is not a review and it's not even a piece on James Dean, apologies if I misled you; this piece is to talk about the sad loss of actor Richard Davalos who sadly passed on Tuesday, who played the great role in East of Eden of Aron Trask the good brother who broke down into bad.

We have lost a lot of talented actors and music…