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Hemlock Grove: Season Two Trailer Review.

We are going Hemlock Grove mad lately here at Velvet and are excited to announce that we are no longer being teased with 6 second vines filled with blood, we are no longer having the meat dangled in front of us like hungry dogs, now we are being fed, now we are being prepared.
Season one was incredible to some like me, with it peeking and touching on a lot of my interests and putting its own spin on it, but the trailer alone for season one almost looks childish in comparison to the new trailer for season two. I mean this in a good way, in less than two minutes they have managed to raise questions, emotions and a physical need for fans to know what it all means, you can see the seasons growth, season one is the baby and season two is the rebellious teen finding themselves by breaking the rules.

The dark twisted realm that is Hemlock is getting ready to bit and we can expect an inner battle for both Peter and Roman trying to fight the instinct to pounce as well as facing the fight to …

Hemlock Grove: Season One Review.

Cast: Landon Liboiron, Bill Skarsgard, Famke Janssen, Lili Taylor.
Directed by: Eli Roth.
Based on: 'Hemlock Grove' by Brian McGreevy.

Hemlock Grove (2013) is a supernatural series adpated from Brian McGreevy's book of the same name. It follows Peter Rumancek (Landon) a gypsy werewolf and Roman Godfrey (Bill Skarsgard) the prince of Hemlock with a secret even he doesn't know he has, through friendship, teenage struggles and a trail of mutilated young girls.

Now I'll be honest, I am a fan of the show but I will try my bets to contain my fangirling compliments!

Its difficult to bring a supernatural series into our entertainment these days, especially one based on werewolves and vampire like creatures, due to us having Twilight, The Mortal Instruments and American Horror Story already, It makes it a show constantly compared to the small list above and creates debates between 'who does it better?' and 'who is the hottest werewolf?'. However this being sa…

Alien 5: Fight or Fly?

Could it be? Could our most loved and terrifying creature from space really be coming back to hug our faces on the big screen? Sigourney Weaver who played our great protagonist Ellen Ripley hopes so., it has been noted all around the World Wide Web that she feels the story is not quite finished yet and another Alien film is needed to round the series off.
The Alien franchise consists of four sci-fi action horror films starting with Alien in 1979, followed seven years later by the sequel Aliens (1986) then onto Alien 3 (1992) and ending (possibly) with Alien: Resurrection in 1997.
I’m not including AVP in this list of the franchise because in my film critic opinion they weren’t movies, but a bit of film on our screens to make more money. Don’t judge me! If you like these ridiculous movies, I don’t think any less of you! These movies however do not make me worry about another Alien being made, I just hope Sigourney and the producers keep the feel of Alien and don’t use of the aftermath of…

I've Been Writing Again.

I did not know who I was, I knew I was more than a walking, talking meat sack, but I did not know what more was or even what it meant. Have you ever searched for something for a long time or just passionately and then when you've found it, you’re disappointed because you realized the chase was far more fulfilling than the catch. Well, I have. I felt the frustration, the pain and the adrenaline of obsession. I have felt the breeze at the end of the unfinished bridge and stared at the purpose, unreachable on the other side. I have been to the other side.

My chase began when the sleepless nights started, I would sit at my computer or lay in my bed constantly thinking, my brain grinding gears that slowly rusted as no rest came to the mechanism, no oil kept it running smoothly. I never had anything to do but lay there, just thinking and when there was nothing to think about, I’d just lay there remembering. The first thing I remembered was the small clouded window in the white door at t…

Rock Fight Films; Inspiring Independent. INTERVIEW/ARTICLE.

This interview has been long overdue on my part; Joesph Bouvier of Rock Fight Films was amazing enough to answer my questions about such an amazing and supporting independent company. Joesph tells us a great story about the progression of RFF and his lines really express just how kind and supporting and passionate I know this company is.

Tell us about Rock Fight Films and what you do? I think our Twitter page says it best: Rock Fight Films uses new, long and short form media to tell stories.  We enjoy supporting and developing creative partnerships with other storytellers.
Why did you create Rock Fight Films? My background has always focused on production. I started as a casting and set PA for features and commercials and worked my way into producing short form, for creative agencies and independently. I spent a few years in LA both producing and with a day job at ABC in Business Affairs, which was invaluable in learning the ins-and-outs of deal making. In 2010, my son was born and commit…