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Baby Driver; (No) Surprise, I Loved It.

Okay, so this isn’t so much as a review because, to be honest, there’s no point; there’s no review I can do without saying what pretty much everyone else in the world is saying about this movie. No, this is more just me talking about it rather than, sort of, analysing it; I just thought I’d do a small ramble piece on it so I can tell someone else about it other than my other half, who for the record saw it with me so knows it all already and also he’s probably one more obsessive sentence away from sewing my mouth shut. So I have turned to you my Velvet-ians, yes, I have elected you the eyes and ears to express myself to, you are now officially my movie therapist! Congrats! Unfortunately there is no specific qualification available with it, but I’m pretty sure you can blag it on your CV. See, I’ve already began rambling and haven’t even said the title of movie, though as I write this I realise I’ve probably put it in the title, however, if you have been reading Velvet for a while then …