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A Dreadful Poem: Goodbye Friend.

No more let life divide, While Lily stands at Dorian's side A proud once Frankenstein bride Covered in immortal blood Smiling with hypnotic eyes While we root and cry for sweet Miss Ives Whose strength is unending during her demise With Ethan chandler, sorry Talbot I mean, With a heart of gold but teeth unclean Covered in red and boots filled with sand No matter how beastly, he stands tall as a man, With morals to follow but blindness to kill Then there's Jekyll's ever demented will For science and madness and  Things to be cured With Victor who stands genius yet a slave to being unsure Of who he is or what he wants, consumed by his love and His love for his demon is far too strong And we all know love can make a person turn wrong But that glass layer that covers his eyes Makes him weepy and pink  He is a man broken, a man on the brink But what he knows we couldn't dream to think All we can do is watch the glamour of the way Gray drinks and they way that he glides whe…

Painful News: So Long, Anton Yelchin.

I am in complete shock, this has been part of a two year timeline of sadness from the loss of beautiful minds and talents that make a depressingly long list of unforgettable names such as; Robin Williams, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Alan Rickman, Richard Davalos, Prince and David Bowie. Unfortunately this list is continuing to grow for loss of those in the talent industry and today we found out that Star Trek star Anton Yelchin has sadly been taken from us and given to the list.

I have been an admirer of Anton for many years from his role in the Fright Night remake and indie vampire movie Only Lovers Left Alive, to the totally underrated performance he gave in Odd Thomas. There was always something so sweet and motivating when watching his roles and he never disappointed hopeful fans when we saw him in new ones.

Anton was far too young for this to happen, but they do say the best are always taken first. This young man had so much to offer and so much to come and I hope that not just his…

Spirit In Art: Nate Maingard.

Nate Maingard is a man of many talents and with a soul of gold ruling each one, we consider ourselves lucky that such compassion and kindness still exists in art. Bringing his ancestors on a modern journey with him, he brings new and old together for the love of music and storytelling.

When I see Nate or speak to him or listen to his music, I feel a calmness and a happiness that makes me think of great idols of mine such as Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison; Nate has his own side of his own art, just for some reason I have this connection between great writers and I feel Nate would strive just as well in the era of the greats with his very relatable and beautiful words.

In many opinions he rules over pop stars and rock stars, because he is honest and not run by a musical government of un-decisive suits. Nate reminds us of a freedom in art and I was lucky enough to interview the kind man himself, here's what he said:

V: What Inspires your music and writing?
N: The experience of being human…

Get Excited Because The Clowns Are Coming!

The wait is getting shorter and shorter for the horror master Rob Zombie's latest gruesome feature 31 and the teasers are coming.Yesterday, good ol' Mr. Zombie gave us a tasty piece of movie flesh to munch on with the new teaser poster for the feature and boy does it tease!
The blood covered van, with clown head on top and the Show Must Go On words printed across the front, leaves much to the dark imagination and portrays the gore coming in a both subtle, yet in your face sort of way. It's going to be bloody, it's going to be gritty and it's taking everything we like about Rob Zombie film's to a whole new twisted level and the fact that we can get that, as well a big clown sized smile across the face, just from a teaser, means that it can only get better and that we will continue to be drawn in and entertained by these little snippets. By the end of all the happy jumping for the teasing, I hope we've got enough stamina for the movie!
This new feature is se…

Saving The Outsiders House: Danny O'Connor.

The Outsiders is an american drama movie adaptation of  S. E. Hinton's book with the same title. It was realised in 1983 and had a cast of many familiar faces before they were as familiar and famous as they are today; Matt Dillon, Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze and pre-Karate Kid Ralph Macchio, with C. Thomas Howell as the lead. The film tackled themes of class, brotherhood and murder and caught it all in a gritty, honest and beautiful bubble. Simply unforgettable.

This cult classic was directed by one of the greats Francis Ford Coppola whose name stands against the ever lasting titles of The Godfather, Apocalypse Now and one of my favourites, Bram Stoker's Dracula. With all these fantastic names behind it, from my point of view, I'm surprised it's as cult and underrated as it is. However with that being said, I learnt just how large the ever growing fan base for this movie was  when the key character of the movie was due to be demolished; 'The Curtis Brothe…