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Vikings; With a Few Words From the Queen.

Vikings blessed our screens back in 2013 and we certainly haven’t forgotten it since, it's continuously getting more and more successful with every episode, so it’s safe to say there’s an axe in a lot of people’s hands and even more hearts. Michael Hirst, creator of Tudors, pulled another one out of the history hat taking us from one king to another, England to Kattegat and has both entertained and educated us; but remember, those who mention this SO MUCH, it is still a drama, NOT a documentary, the foundations are the history but the walls are the fiction that has kept us go in grossed and in my case, in absolute tears. Following Ragnar Lothbrok in his rise from farmer to king as well as his comrades, his family and his lovers, we can’t help but love and hate them all. It is an epic that truly captures the figurative and literal bloodshed. You can’t talk about Vikings without talking about the battle scenes! For lack of better words it has a cinematic perfection to it, with the in…