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'Gin' A Short Film.

We've had to delay our old film project 'See You Soon' due to lack of funding but that isn't dampening our spirits or slowed us down. In the mean time Velvet Film & More Productions has a new short film project for you, we call it; Gin.

Gin  is a short film about a young boy who is bullied, doesn't live in the best conditions and almost has nothing to call his own, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel for him when he finds something that will help this teenager get a little more than nothing for once. Gin is the young boy that a lot of us can relate to and by the end of the film you'll find yourself feeling envy that Gin found the chance we all want or work for.

We have finally launched our Indiegogo campaign to try and raise £500 to help make the film we think you NEED to see as we work to make honest, entertaining and high quality films for you guys!Every contribution as a perk to give you in return; these perks included, signed shooting scripts, s…

New 'Into the Woods' Trailer.

It's finally here the epic movie event this Christmas 'Into the Woods' a Disney film that ties in some of our most know fairy tales with a twist!

This movie looks awesome and how can it not with things we dream of in it, as well as a dream cast; Meryl Streep, Johnny Deep, Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick and James Corden. This magic musical has every element and all the potential to be a great family film; you have Meryl's great voice that she showed off in Mama Mia, Johnny Depp who is always brilliant playing the wolf which seems like a darker more together version of the Mad Hatter and I feel it's given James Corden a chance to really show his talent other than just being a comedy actor.

With films like Alice in Wonderland, Jack the Giant Slayer and Maleficent being successful and loved among audiences, we have now been reassured that we can watch more of these fantasies and not have to wait too long for it either!

Check out the trailer below!


Shiloh Fernandez Is New Selena Gomez Video.

Now it may seem a bit weird me posting about Selena Gomez, who I have no crimes with but isn't really my kind of taste if you know what I mean. However, I saw she tweeted about her new track being no.1, so my curiosity was tweeked as always, as to whether it was a good song or not.

So as I'm watching the video, I'm enjoying myself I'm ready to watch more and as I do BAM! Shiloh Fernandez suddenly appeared! I am a big fan of Shiloh due to films such as Evil Dead (2013) & Deadgirl which are both horrors, so to adore him for horror and then see him portraying some hipster, drinking, prick in a pop video I was just surprised.

However both Shiloh & Selena have had acting experience so on the performance side they played angst and corrupt couple pretty well; I can't really comment on the song if I'm honest with you guys, but Ill put in the video so you guys can judge it for yourself!

Good luck to Selena with her new stuff and lets hope I'll be seeing Shilo…

Entertainment Weekly's Reunion Issue 2014.

Entertainment Weekly have bought out this years Reunion Issue and it's looking amazing! Including the cast reunion of Ghostbusters taking the cover; it also includes cast reunions of Mean Girls  & even  The Fabulous Baker Boys!

You can expect great interviews and reminiscing with the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Bill Murray, Jeff Bridges, Michelle Pfeiffer and more!

I loved the interview with Michelle Pfeiffer and Jeff & Beau Bridges as each story doesn't match with the other one; it's not surprising though since this film is 25 years old and they haven't worked together since! However, Pfeiffer still enjoyed her time back with the boys noting how much chemistry as brothers they have and that each year seems to making Jeff more of a boy!

But don't listen to me describe each interview, so read & buy this amazing issue, trust me you don't want to miss this Ghostbusters reunion!

Go check out everything you need to know about this issue a http://popwatch.ew.…

It's Finally Here; Minions Trailer!

Cinema is doing good lately what with Fury, Interstellar and The Imitation Game being released but lets me honest we're all using these films as distractions to fill up our time till this legendary animation is released!

How excited are you for this movie? Comment below!


Fury (2014) Review-ish.

Cast; Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, Jon Bernthal.
Written & Directed by; David Ayer.

Fury is a war film based in World War 2 that follows Don 'War Daddy' Collier and his tank crew through their fight in Nazi Germany. When the assistant driver is killed in battle, Norman Ellison is assigned the position; however, Norman is an army 'newbie', an army typist rather than gunman and far from ready for the things he must do and see.

Seeing this film was an experience I will truly remember forever, as well as entertaining me, it made my heart break, my mouth laugh and my eyes cry.

War, I feel, is difficult to portray on film due to getting the facts straight, trying to keep all the people that fought on the represented side happy and not insulted, etc. When you tattle a war film, it's a battle in itself, but this film fought hard and won. It's hard to find extreme realism in film these days because 9 times out 10 things will be added or exagge…

Horns (2014) Review.

Cast; Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, Max Minghella, Joe Anderson. Directed By; Alexandre Aja. Based on: Horns by Joe Hill.

Horns is a film about Ig Parrish; who is accused of murdering his true love, with paparazzi and the towns people making his life hell as they won’t take innocent as an answer. Everything changes for Ig though as he begins sprouting devilish horns out of his head that give him a special paranormal power which he uses to find out whom truly murdered his beloved Merrin.
This film has true cult movie written all over it! It’s a fantastic story that is shown in a great backwards and forwards in time way. Relationships are built well and the humor in this film is great. The only issue I had with it was that I wasn’t really surprised at whom the murderer turned out to be, I didn’t necessarily guess who it was, but I had no need to gasp in shock either. I did get a bit fussy about the amount of use of CGI snakes in the movie but I can appreciate its symbolism. I came out the …

Ouija (2014) Review.

Cast; Olivia Cooke, Darren Kagasoff, Douglas Smith. Director; Stiles White.
Ouija is a 2014 horror film about a group of friends who use an Ouija board to try and communicate with their friend who recently and surprisingly hung herself with her fairy lights. But of course this is a horror film, so the communication they make is not a heart-warming reunion with their loved one but much more haunting. Slowly one by one they are being killed by deceased, deranged and murderous spirits of a Mother and Daughter; but which one is really the murderer?
Now even though almost every review I saw of this movie was terrible, I had to see it for myself, I was intrigued as to why it was apparently so terrible! Also I am a massive Texas Chainsaw fan and a producer of Texas also produced this movie. I will tell you though, this film is not majorly gory, there are no chainsaws and although I wasn’t impressed with it I was entertained, but this movie will probably get lost in the pile of other teen or for…

Psychopath of the Week: Otis Driftwood.

I have wanted to start doing this for ages! Being a lover of cult and horror films, my obsession with them stems from the love of the psychopath; a bit weird yes but I know you guys understand what I'm talking about so don't try to act THAT innocent!
Psychopath: Otis Driftwood.
Otis Driftwood is a legendary & truly brutal and brilliant psychopathic character. You will know Otis from Rob Zombies great movies 'House of 1000 Corpses' & 'The Devils Rejects'. Otis is played by Bill Moseley who is also known for roles such as Choptop in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2!
Psychopath Rating: 9/10.

An Old Mind With A Young Face: Harriet Dale.

Harriet 'Haz' Dale is a young aspiring and very talented writer, this is definitely one to watch out for, so I grabbed her before she becomes famous and too busy! For someone so young (20), she writes in the view of someone wise and long lived, so as glad as I am we have a true writer like this I wanted to know why she started writing in the first place:"I started writing when I was a child, I always loved reading and my parents had always urged me to seek literacy. I was always good at English and enjoyed writing a great deal. Being at university I still get to indulge in writing but it’s very confined to science and fact, I found myself missing the beauty of really exploring the world that you can create with words. I began writing some silly thoughts, notions that I had, ideas that appealed to me, and suddenly I found myself loving it again, like I did as a child. It’s beautiful to be able to create very real emotions through words on a page, evoke reactions from peopl…

Slightly Cynical, Supernatural & Adolescent; Brian McGreevy.

Yes, that's it Velvet fans, freak out with me! I am beyond happy to share this interview with all of you guys! Whether your a book worm or a fellow Grove-ian (Hemlock Grove Fan), you will love the words I was lucky enough to have shared with myself. Now, to stop me over rambling as per usual, here is the interview in it's original form; here are the wise words of Hemlock Grove author Brian McGreevy.

What was your inspiration for Hemlock Grove?
I wanted to use monstrosity as a means of processing my own experience of adolescence in a small, rust belt Pennsylvania town. This lens refracted both the inner state of being a teenager, which consists of  a series of extreme and often violent transformations, and the physical landscape, described in detail in the novel, of industrial ruin interacting with striking natural beauty. This sort of tension between opposite ends of a polarity, light and dark, good and evil, human and other, defines the gothic genre, a tradition I wanted to fin…

Stolen Skye: Character & Author; Nina Loard.

Nina Loard is the beautiful and talented author of Stolen Skye, a book she hopes to turn into a trilogy with the sequel already in progress; "In Stolen Skye, we have a heroine, Evelyn, who loses her job and is going through a fairly dull period in her life. But, we soon learn that that wasn't always the case. Years before, a car crash robbed her of her memories of living abroad after she dropped out of college. Two chapters in and her past comes to find her in the form of a very sexy Irishman. She travels back to London with him to learn more about her past and to understand how she could have fallen in with a band of thieves. Pieces of her past come back to her, culminating in a final memory that shatters what she has come to believe. Telling her story has been one of the most fun and challenging things I've done in my life. I am truly hooked on the characters and proud of the way the story reflects my constant journey as a writer."

Nina is known for her passion of p…

Velvet has teamed up with Crossroad Pictures to start making music videos for the talented, the crazy and the willing-to-give-us-a-chance musicians out there!

It's all about the fun, the experience, the demo reels, the promotion, the advertising, the publicising, and so on and so forth! What I am trying to say is we can have so much fun and get the publicity we need at the same time!

Any questions or recommendations of maybe your best friends band or something, get in touch now!

email or tweet me:
Or tweet the lovely Scott Lyus; @scottlyus

Spread the word & spread the music guys!


Hemlock Grove: Season Two Trailer Review.

We are going Hemlock Grove mad lately here at Velvet and are excited to announce that we are no longer being teased with 6 second vines filled with blood, we are no longer having the meat dangled in front of us like hungry dogs, now we are being fed, now we are being prepared.
Season one was incredible to some like me, with it peeking and touching on a lot of my interests and putting its own spin on it, but the trailer alone for season one almost looks childish in comparison to the new trailer for season two. I mean this in a good way, in less than two minutes they have managed to raise questions, emotions and a physical need for fans to know what it all means, you can see the seasons growth, season one is the baby and season two is the rebellious teen finding themselves by breaking the rules.

The dark twisted realm that is Hemlock is getting ready to bit and we can expect an inner battle for both Peter and Roman trying to fight the instinct to pounce as well as facing the fight to …

Hemlock Grove: Season One Review.

Cast: Landon Liboiron, Bill Skarsgard, Famke Janssen, Lili Taylor.
Directed by: Eli Roth.
Based on: 'Hemlock Grove' by Brian McGreevy.

Hemlock Grove (2013) is a supernatural series adpated from Brian McGreevy's book of the same name. It follows Peter Rumancek (Landon) a gypsy werewolf and Roman Godfrey (Bill Skarsgard) the prince of Hemlock with a secret even he doesn't know he has, through friendship, teenage struggles and a trail of mutilated young girls.

Now I'll be honest, I am a fan of the show but I will try my bets to contain my fangirling compliments!

Its difficult to bring a supernatural series into our entertainment these days, especially one based on werewolves and vampire like creatures, due to us having Twilight, The Mortal Instruments and American Horror Story already, It makes it a show constantly compared to the small list above and creates debates between 'who does it better?' and 'who is the hottest werewolf?'. However this being sa…

Alien 5: Fight or Fly?

Could it be? Could our most loved and terrifying creature from space really be coming back to hug our faces on the big screen? Sigourney Weaver who played our great protagonist Ellen Ripley hopes so., it has been noted all around the World Wide Web that she feels the story is not quite finished yet and another Alien film is needed to round the series off.
The Alien franchise consists of four sci-fi action horror films starting with Alien in 1979, followed seven years later by the sequel Aliens (1986) then onto Alien 3 (1992) and ending (possibly) with Alien: Resurrection in 1997.
I’m not including AVP in this list of the franchise because in my film critic opinion they weren’t movies, but a bit of film on our screens to make more money. Don’t judge me! If you like these ridiculous movies, I don’t think any less of you! These movies however do not make me worry about another Alien being made, I just hope Sigourney and the producers keep the feel of Alien and don’t use of the aftermath of…

I've Been Writing Again.

I did not know who I was, I knew I was more than a walking, talking meat sack, but I did not know what more was or even what it meant. Have you ever searched for something for a long time or just passionately and then when you've found it, you’re disappointed because you realized the chase was far more fulfilling than the catch. Well, I have. I felt the frustration, the pain and the adrenaline of obsession. I have felt the breeze at the end of the unfinished bridge and stared at the purpose, unreachable on the other side. I have been to the other side.

My chase began when the sleepless nights started, I would sit at my computer or lay in my bed constantly thinking, my brain grinding gears that slowly rusted as no rest came to the mechanism, no oil kept it running smoothly. I never had anything to do but lay there, just thinking and when there was nothing to think about, I’d just lay there remembering. The first thing I remembered was the small clouded window in the white door at t…

Rock Fight Films; Inspiring Independent. INTERVIEW/ARTICLE.

This interview has been long overdue on my part; Joesph Bouvier of Rock Fight Films was amazing enough to answer my questions about such an amazing and supporting independent company. Joesph tells us a great story about the progression of RFF and his lines really express just how kind and supporting and passionate I know this company is.

Tell us about Rock Fight Films and what you do? I think our Twitter page says it best: Rock Fight Films uses new, long and short form media to tell stories.  We enjoy supporting and developing creative partnerships with other storytellers.
Why did you create Rock Fight Films? My background has always focused on production. I started as a casting and set PA for features and commercials and worked my way into producing short form, for creative agencies and independently. I spent a few years in LA both producing and with a day job at ABC in Business Affairs, which was invaluable in learning the ins-and-outs of deal making. In 2010, my son was born and commit…

Making The Perfect Psychopath.

“Movies don’t create psychos, movies make psychos more creative" -Billy Loomis (Scream, 1996).
"Psychopathies have undoubtedly been the supportive column of many thrillers and terror films throughout history. The antisocial personality disorder, which is the technical term for psychopathy, has always been present in the history of Seventh Art. This disturbance, however, does not necessarily imply murder and cinema has therefore mistakenly identified psychopaths with serial killers. This is true not only for the classical terror films but also for hit films such as Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer (1990) by John Mc Naughton; /The Silence of the Lambs (1991) by Jonathan Demme; Seven (1995) by David Finch Or American Psycho (2000) by Mary Harron"-'Insanity and Cinema: Keys to Understand a Complicated Affair' By Beatriz Vera Poseck. Cinema through the years has allowed us to celebrate fairy tales and happy endings and as entertaining as the light side of cinema is, …