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The Magnificent Seven (Quite Long) Review.

So It finally happened, I got to go and see one my most highly anticipated movies EVER! And that gem, if you haven’t been spoiled by the title is, The Magnificent Seven! Yes, after months of waiting and waiting for this movie and religiously watching small clips and gifs to satisfy my taste. Only to then be completely broke upon its first day release; I finally got handed a ticket and took my seat in screen 10 at my local odeon.

Now, when you wait for a film for so long, you build up your own little mini version if it in your mind and give it that new title: High Expectations and we all know how this can make or break a movie for you. So, Sonni, so our Velvet, did it make or break for you? I know you’re asking. Well let me you tell you; it hit my extremely high expectations right on the head. It was everything I assumed, but in the best of ways. It may have taken out the element of surprise from the narrative for me, but that just made me appreciate what I was seeing visually and surpr…

The Best Woman at the Wheel: Gren Wells Interview.

(WARNING: There is a spoiler below, question 3!) This has taken me ages to post and I am so ashamed of myself since I feel so lucky to be able to say that I had a little conversation with Gren Wells via Twitter and she was lovely enough to answer some of my questions on her beautiful movie The Road Within (2014).

Gren Wells is a screenwriter, with her first Script being A Little Bit of Heaven (2011),  which starred great names including Kate Hudson and Whoopi Goldberg. It turns out three years later she would make her second script AND directional debut and break our hearts in all the best with her remake of the 2010 German movie Vincent Wants to Sea; The Road Within.

The movie stars Robert Sheehan, Dev Patel and Zoe Kravitz who truly play the heart, lungs and soul of this movie. The narrative follows this trio and their road trip to the sea in a stolen car from the Doctor of the behavourial facility they run out of. You see, each character has a specific condition; Sheehan's char…