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A Few Favourite Book Covers.

I went through my ever-growing book collection and realized that I was extremely happy with some of the books I owned and the versions I had of them; so that being said, I decided to share it with you guys! I noticed that to pick every single one of my favorite books was just a ridiculous idea, since that would be pretty much all of them and it would make this blog post longer than the Harry Potter series!

1. 'The Making of Penny Dreadful' by Sharon Gosling.

This book is amazing for any Penny Dreadful fan, (I am an obsessive one!), it is noted as the official companion book to the Showtime series and it is indeed. I get excited every time I open it, not in that way naughty!, but it is just as magical opening this book as it is watching the series; there are some fantastic chapters in this book that explain how they created the dark, Gothic and classic world through the literature and special affects. You can feel like part of the team with this book and become a fully educated…

Taboo Trailer Release.

Three days ago the BBC uploaded the trailer for Taboo on their YouTube channel and we are not disappointed; although there is some mild disappointment that the trailer has been shown to us now when the show itself will not be aired on BBC One till 2017.
The show is based in the year 1814 around Tom Hardy’scharacter, James Delaney, who makes a return to London from Africa to inherit what his passed father has left behind of his shipping empire. Delaney was believed to have died and his father has created quite a reputation for himself, so the 8 part period drama is Delaney’s war with the evil, selfish, determined people lurking in the shadows around him.

My reaction to the trailer was a good one, but I have to admit my happiness and hope at this trailer and for the show is partially bias as I am a huge fan of both Hardy and Ridley Scott. However, I am an admirer and fanatic when it comes to Victorian London and by the trailer it looks like they have captured the era very well, making ev…

Crazy Favourites.

It has been a while since I have posted and I am so sorry guys! I hope you all had a good Christmas and a good new year and a good Valentine’s Day aaaaaaand any other holiday I haven't said or forgotten; there's too many! However, all those days are in the past and I am back to make the future a little more velvet-y, is that a word? To kick off the absence of my ramblings about the great media world of film & more; I thought I would share with you one of my most favourite subjects to ramble about and that is on-screen psychopaths, woo! Another reason why I have chosen this topic as my return is because my clever little Google statistics thingy keeps telling me that not only have you guys kept coming back to Velvet, but that my most viewed post is my Making the Perfect Psychopath essay which is insane! See what I did there? Mwhaha. So, sit back, procrastinate and enjoy my list of my top all-time favourite on-screen psychos. Buuuuut first let me mention the list I have conjur…