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Essay Assignment: Fairy Tale Adaptation Treatment- The Singing Bone.

This is an essay I did within my Introduction To Story classes, I had to pick a fairy tale, myth or legend of my choice and then adapt it into my own film idea and write a treatment for it, in the Universities recommended style. Fairy Tale Adaptation Treatment: The Singing Bone
The Singing Bone is originally a fairy tale written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm; The Singing Bone is tale 28 in one of the most famous books by the brothers titled: Children’s and Household Tales[1].
The Singing Bone: Toledo, Ohio has two sides; its general civilisation and passing through gap year students, then its dark side fuelled by two enemy mob gangs. The Boar (Hit man in mob gang who call themselves The Hands) is covering the state in blood, making the leader of the Kingdom mob gang, Jeffery King, unhappy. Two brothers, Tim and Andy (who themselves have never seen The Boar, just been told details about him), volunteer to kill The Boar kicking off the war of loyalty between brothers and setting of Tim’s mad r…


I Am A Box
I am a box, a box with fragile stickers on every side. A box closed tight. A box that once opened, then has no other purpose than to be empty. I am a box never this way up. I am as normal as the sky, as the sea, I blend in. I have sunk into such normality that people do not acknowledge the box unless it screams their name, unless it screams profit in some way. I am a box. When you see me, you see nothing deeper than the size inside. A box not of many colours, but just the one you find acceptable. An instrument for past, present, future and secrecy. My insides can make humans happy, sad or even shocked, yet I myself show no sign of emotion. I am a box. Take out what’s inside and I am an unused room. A room ready for a move in. A room ready to be demolished. A room ready to be used and used again. Whatever it is you decide.I am a box. One day empty, one day full, one day empty. I am big then I am small. I am folded. I am shared. I am broken. I am a box. A box you feel nothing …

MONOLOGUE: Ruby Romantic.

Ruby Romantic
How lucky can I be? What did I do to make someone repay an unearthly debt as large as this? Maybe it’s ironic, to find something so beautiful that I can call mine but know I will die for. Maybe that’s the catch, to touch the glittering ruby then have it replace my insides making it impossible for me to live. Would I die happy? No matter how painful or dragged out, would I still fall to floor with a warm smile on my face? I think so. Physical pain does not compete with the pain of having the roots dug up from inside and taken away from you. There is no pain if the roots die with me, still attached. But then that raises another question, ‘if the roots die with me’, no roots can survive in dead ground which would mean I’d take its life with mine. Would I die happy? I’m not sure. The thought of growing together alive or dead is beautiful and in a small way perfect, but how do I know we will grow together in death, or grow at all. I don’t. Would the thought of it though still …

MONOLOGUE: Likeable Poison.

Likeable Poison. When you’re young you dream of many things, you could be anything you want in the world when you’re young. When I was young I dreamt of being old, not so old that my life was over but old enough to be recognised as a chaotic mess that lived a life of journeys in my mind created by the likeable poisons that I would pay for with money, body and soul. You see my dream was to live a life faster than the fast lane, to an extent where my whole existence was a blur even to those unwilling to take the likeable poisons. I wanted to wear the clothes that made no sense, to wake up and decide that that day I was or a man or a woman, to have my hair untamed, to wear make-up that turned my expressions into puzzles. You know in movies with the girl on the back of a motorcycle, holding on to her man’s waist, closing her eyes as the world went through her hair and past her in a breeze, well that was want I wanted each day to represent. The world is a miserable and dull place, why not t…

Essay Plan Assignment: Compare and Contrast the treatment of history in Caravaggio (1986) and Girl With A Pearl Earring (2003)

This is an essay plan based on the title below. Compare and contrast the treatment of history in Derek Jarman’s Caravaggio (1986) and Peter Webber’s Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003). I have looked at and researched deeply into both films; Caravaggio (1986) and Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003), looking at it critically and personally. I used internet sources, e.g. articles on online newspapers such as The Guardian1 comparing not just the plot and character similarities but its historical similarities and the way this information has been portrayed.

Using this space I will talk about conventions and similarities that I found within my research and own knowledge of the time periods. I will also tackle the subjects of love with sex, love for sex, pain, labour, disability and sexuality in many ways. When reading up on Caravaggio I found an article in which helps my view of this characters’ molested and lustful mind become more solid;

"The sad relics, recovered by researchers who specul…

FIRST UPLOADED: Monologue; A Long Knights Sleep.

A Long Knights Sleep I am respected. I am admired. Although I am only young, boys my age wish to grow up and reach the heights I stand at. I
have everything one could ever want or need; riches, food,
comfortable and large chambers in the castle, any woman I
choose and a long life ahead of me with even more of these
luxuries, the people quite literally bowing at my feet. I am
a knight. A knight for our beloved King. I am not of royal
blood but I have proved myself worthy of kingship having
brought home victories and admired the King from both up
close and afar. The King says he envies my swordsmanship,
that I remind him of himself but almost stronger, almost
better. Of course it's almost though, the King doesn't just
live for his people but for mainly himself, he relishes in
being loved and complimented. That will be me when he passes
on, I'll be the man on the throne fighting for our land, our
country without even standing up. What more could a boy want
from life? What could I want more? D…

Velvet Film Is Back With More Work For You Guys!

HEY GUYS! I know its been a while but university is very time consuming, however it has given me a lot of inspiration and tips! I have now started a tumblr, which will be linked with Velvet Film Blog, with my monologues, essays, etc, all to do with screenwriting and movies so keep up to date and I promise to keep posting!
You can look forward to:

-Short Stories
-Essays I do for my course to help you or just have fun reading!
-More reviews and Discussions!