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Regression (2015); The Tension is Rising.

This film is not out till mid-August this year but I can already fill the tension of this film coming. I find for some it's hard to make a good and unpredictable psychological thriller; however, with The Others director Alejandro Amenabar behind both the directing AND writing wheel of Regression, I have no doubt that the edge of our seats will not remain empty for long.

This films cast includes revolutionary actors; Emma Watson, Ethan Hawke and David Thewlis, three professionals who take their work seriously and explode passion of the piece over everything they have done or will do. We have recently seen Hawke in a more thriller light since his main role in horror film Sinister and Thewlis has shown us he can be the sinister one in films like Stonehearst Asylum, but I have to admit, the excitement I can feel for this film is the nervous-ness and curiosity of Watson playing a deep and disturbed role such is the part of Angela. I have complete faith in the Harry Potter & Perks o…

The Frankenstein Man.

With the upcoming Victor Frankenstein movie we can’t help but get pumped up, so before you get too excited, let’s take a moment to move the monster out the way and acknowledge the man standing behind him.
Frankenstein is one of the most beloved ‘monster’ stories of all time, but it’s not just the Shelley novel that sparked this cult obsession with the creature that defies both life and death; it is the hundreds of movies & TV shows in which Frankenstein himself has been portrayed and turned into one of the greatest anti-hero’s in film history. However, over the decades since the 1930’s the key question has since changed, who is the true Frankenstein monster; creature or creator?
In many renditions of the story, Victor Frankenstein has been portrayed as crazy, miserable, broken, obsessive, scared and many other negativities of emotion and idea, but the doctor may be more simpler described and labelled than with cognitive issues and science; the strong underlying purpose of the doctor…

Timothy Murphy; Good Work, Good Role.

Timothy Murphy is another great Irish actor who has played some great roles over the recent years, some of these roles include award winning TV Shows Sons of Anarchy and True Detective, as well as his spot as 'Fritz' on Disney's movie The Lone Ranger. 

When asking Murphy about his career as an actor, he simply told me that it began by him trying "an acting class in Miami...liked it". To the point answer that makes me think about it more, there is a great idea that floats around this; and that is that in one spur of the moment decision or a want for a new hobby or just to try something new, talents flare gun has shot and has now created another actor who will go down in film history with his work.

Murphy's credits of roles are in the region of 80 and are constantly growing, so I asked him, as I always do, about his inspirations when it comes to not just playing a role but also picking one and he couldn't of given me a better common sense answer; "A go…