The Frankenstein Man.

With the upcoming Victor Frankenstein movie we can’t help but get pumped up, so before you get too excited, let’s take a moment to move the monster out the way and acknowledge the man standing behind him.

Frankenstein is one of the most beloved ‘monster’ stories of all time, but it’s not just the Shelley novel that sparked this cult obsession with the creature that defies both life and death; it is the hundreds of movies & TV shows in which Frankenstein himself has been portrayed and turned into one of the greatest anti-hero’s in film history. However, over the decades since the 1930’s the key question has since changed, who is the true Frankenstein monster; creature or creator?

In many renditions of the story, Victor Frankenstein has been portrayed as crazy, miserable, broken, obsessive, scared and many other negativities of emotion and idea, but the doctor may be more simpler described and labelled than with cognitive issues and science; the strong underlying purpose of the doctor is that he is both life and death. The Frankenstein man is famous for his reanimation of a still corpse, giving him that aspect of physical life, yet the involvement of loss, murder and a wave of consequence gives him a personality trait of death. However, this is how we know Victor to be in the past, he may be different in this future.

With all the Frankenstein movies made over the past 70 years or so and the success of hit TV show Penny Dreadful, more audiences are getting excited to see more into the infamous Frankenstein boys and see how the next man will portray their relationship; however the new movie Victor Frankenstein, due in cinemas October 6th 2015, is taking you to a different corner of the story putting assistant Igor at the forefront.  The pressure is on for those involved in the production of this movie, since they have found a small pinch of originality in an idea that was running out and they have a very important character showing you the Victor he knew, but who is Victor? Who will Victor be other than a mad creator who is a horseman within himself?
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With this movie being based more around Victor than his creation we know that this new rendition can go many ways and take Victor to places we have always seen him, but with the James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe cast playing the master and assistant duo, we have no idea what to expect from our own little Victor in this generation of classic appreciation and horror history.

So again, who is the true monster; creature or creator? Well it turns out that that question will be asked again this early Halloween in cinemas around the globe and that question may just be answered. 



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