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Podcast #4: Projects, Kiss & DVD Haul.

Here is the link to my newest podcast:


Podcast #3: Godzilla, Sequels & My Upcoming Web Series.

The Suicide Theory Teaser Trailer.

My most latest interview that I uploaded was with Dru Brown the director of the feature The Suicide Theory! Here's the teaser trailer!


PODCAST #2: Marvels, Psychos & A Giveaway!

For some reason I can't seem to upload the video itself on here, so here is the link to my newest Podcast! In it I talk about Marvel, Evan Peters, Psychos and my latest giveaway, CHECK IT OUT!


Director Dru Brown: The Suicide Theory. ARTICLE/INTERVIEW.

I recently had an interview with great director Dru Brown on his latest feature; The Suicide Theory, written by Michael J. Kospiah. This was exciting for me, after watching the trailer, I was entertained and intrigued and I just wanted to know more! This wish was granted after Dru accepted my offer for an interview, I could’ve written about the feature myself with little knowledge, but I wanted to do the feature justice and who better to do that than the man who helped the feature grow from the word ACTION!
“The Suicide Theory is a neo noir drama that chronicles the friendshipbetween two troubled men who form a strange friendship under darkcircumstances – a heartbroken man Percival (Leon Cain) mysteriously unable to successfully commit suicide hires a hitman Steven (Steve Mouzakis) tohelp him finish the job. The Mystery deepens when Percival survives theHitman's best efforts”.
I LOVE this idea that Michael came up with and the image Dru gave it, but with it being such a strange and …



Practice Monologue Shoot: YOUTUBE,

Guys just recapping here, this is the video I put up a little while ago just doing a practice shoot for a monologue idea I had.


3,000! Get Published On Velvet GIVEAWAY!

Guys I am so close to hitting 3,000 views on my blog!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to look at Velvet Film & More, I hope your enjoying the work as much as I am!

Like I said I'm CLOSE to hitting 3,000 but I'm not quite there yet! So here's a chance for me to do another GIVEAWAY!

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Ollie Barbieri: A Patient Actor. INTERVIEW.

Here is my most latest interview with actor and Skins star Ollie Barbieri, where I got the chance to ask him general questions around the subject of his acting passion and career. This was a great interview for me as being a fan of his roles both in Skins and well known movie Anvahood. Rather than ranting on to you about things you already know, I found that Ollie's replies where so straight forward, clear and honest that I am just going to post the full interview below! Hope you enjoy it and relate to it as much I did, here is Ollie Barbieri and how he got the word ACTOR next to his name:

How did you get into acting?

It was back when I was in school. I was 16 and I’d had a minor fall out with my best mate. For this reason I decided I wasn’t going to spend lunchtime with him and my normal group of friends (that’ll show him!). I had heard that there was an audition going on in the drama hall for Skins that lunchtime so I though why not, I’d always enjoyed drama and performing after a…


I have recorded me speaking a monologue I posted on here quite a while ago now titled Ruby Romantic, go check it out on my channel:

You can also read it on here!


Michael Teh; A Working Man. ARTICLE/INTERVIEW.

I had the large privilege of talking to Mr. Michael Teh over the ongoing month or so, a great actor and a great star guest starring in Sleepy Hollow (TV Series, 2013) and more. Like my previous interviews I questioned Michael on his path to acting, his inspirations and his future and I was lucky enough to get great straight forward answers from such talent, here is Michael Teh. 

Before talking to Michael about how he got to where he is now, I first asked him simply; why acting? “The simple answer is that it’s a lot more fun than management consulting, banking and starting an Internet company - my previous careers.  I simply love using my imagination and playing.  I’ve traded money and security for a more creative, flexible, exciting life, and for me that was a great move.There is also (most likely) another more complicated psychological reason stemming from my childhood, but we needn’t go there”. I love this reply because it shows that your life experiences do not necessarily have to b…


Hi guys!
I recently hired a new assistant, who is also one my regular actresses that perform my monologues! She finally has conformed and created a twitter! Being part of Velvet Film, she only has 9 follows, I cannot allow this because she is part of some amazing work so I decided to do a giveaway as Ive wanted to do one for ages and now I have a reason:

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