Never Stopping, Always Smiling: Melissa Clements. ARTICLE/INTERVIEW.

In the next part of this project I had the pleasure of speaking with actress; Melissa Clements. Filmmaking, producing, etc are important parts in what I talk about and practice myself, but you cannot create some pieces of forever living art without a talented cast. So I spoke to Melissa about acting, methods and the future.
Some people are instantly drawn into acting performance at a young age, some actors I have spoken to knew they wanted to be an actor as soon as they’re parents filmed them on a low quality hand held camera at Christmas, however some people go through a hit and miss and different paths before they find their dream and that’s what happened to Melissa. I took up dancing classes when I was very young, but suffered an injury which meant I needed to take time out.  I decided to try acting in the meantime and found I loved it! It made me realise what I enjoyed most about dancing was in fact the performance and dramatic aspect, so I decided to continue with acting classes even after I’d recovered from my dance injury”.
Once finding that acting was for Melissa she then worked to find herself within it;I attended a summer course at Sylvia Young Theatre School when I was 13 and was offered a full-time place which was a dream! The school was wonderful, the first three days of the week we would study our academic subjects and on Thursdays and Fridays we had dancing, singing, acting and performance classes all day. After I went on to train further and more predominantly in acting. I graduated Drama School and joined with an agent. Some work I’ve acquired in this way and some I have managed to find myself”.
Melissa has a range of experience within her career as an actress including appearing in a music video with Bono, playing different roles within different plays on stage and her first feature film role was in Head in the Clouds with well-known names like Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz. With having these experiences I asked Melissa what she preferred, working on stage or screen: “I honestly really enjoy working in both. It’s a privilege to perform for a live audience, there’s something amazing in the atmosphere of a theatre which is very special. Screen work is equally fascinating and somewhere you can observe others working as often there can be time in between your parts (as long as you’re careful not to get in the way on set!)”.
I always found it interesting about musicians and actors having warm up methods or general methods throughout their art, however Melissa’s isn’t making funny noises as she looks at herself in the mirror, Melissa’s simplicity and love for her work gives her great views and performances. “I would say whatever the role, research is key. If you’re playing somebody from an era other than the present, read up on that time in history. Find out what daily life for your character would’ve been like. It will help you no end!”
Now if you have read any of my interviews beforehand I love to ask not just for tips but what inspires people to push forward and create, so of course I asked Melissa what inspires her, Hollywood actors? Music? Maybe it’s just the coffee? Not for Melissa, again it’s an understandable and simple view, “I’m definitely inspired by watching other actors perform! I try my best to see as much theatre and film as I can”.
So Melissa Clements, a beautiful woman and a beautiful actress, constantly working at what she loves with a large smile on her face. Melissa’s simplicity is truth and that will get her even further than her talent. So what’s next on the list of our Melissa? “I’ve worked on a few short films recently which has been really fun and I’m starting rehearsals in a few weeks for a theatre tour of a Victorian play called “Ladies in Retirement”. So a really lovely mix!”
I enjoyed speaking to Melissa and it’s not just because she told me she was a fan of mine! However, I can certainly say I am a fan of her, not just her work but also her personality. Melissa Clements is a name I feel will come out of nowhere all of sudden and you will kick yourselves that it took you this long to find her name. If you want to be actor, be true and make great characters, if you’re a theatre fan then go watch Melissa in action!
Are you one of those people I have mentioned above? Are you still trying to find your calling? Or maybe you’ve just started acting and want to make a next step? Maybe you’ve been acting for a while and enjoy hearing the words of fellow path followers, either way here’s some last words by Melissa when asked for some tips: There is no age limit on acting, you can continue working for as long as you wish, so don’t take losing out on a role to heart or get hung up on it. Start looking for that next opportunity and go for it!”
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