I Want To Go To The House With A Clock In Its Walls.

I recently found the trailer for new family friendly horror/fantasy movie The House With a Clock in its Walls and I must say, there's a smaller version of myself (yes, that's possible) inside that is jumping with joy to see this movie.

The House With a Clock in its Walls is an adaptation of John Bellairs' horror novel for kids and now it is gracing our screens with both fantastical magic and acting magic that is Jack Black, Cate Blanchett and introducing young actor Owen Vaccaro as our orphan boy Lewis.

The story I am a little unknowledgeable about, but that's because I wanna be, I want to keep as much magic within the movie as possible; sometimes that's hard to do as a film reviewer, but then I realise 'This is all a choice dude...' However, I do want to talk about what we've been given within the trailer; I think one of the main reasons I am excited about this, is it made me feel nostalgic to when Disney released A Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy. We lack in joyful horror's for kids and family, they don't really do it anymore. Films like Big Fish, Beetlejuice, The Black Cauldron, Hocus Pocus  all those films were creepy, they had creepy aspects and were amazing, unsettling and life affirming at the same time. This trailer gave me that old feeling, that tingling sensation that makes you wanna applaud and giggle before anything has happened.

Obviously we've had the release of films like A Monster Calls and A Wrinkle in Time, but this is the first one in a while that has already built me this familiar blanket, and yo, this just a trailer.

The set design in this movie looks amazing, with a subtle Series Of Unfortunate Events kind of vibe. This steampunk, things-of-a-different-realm-yet-all-kind-of-from-the-20's environment is something to get lost in. It looks to be a story that has those wacky lovable characters, that see the wonders and the monsters as nothing unusual and that is the best way to be.

Basically, I think this movie looks awesome, visually and entertainment wise I think smiles can come out of this and with those behind it, it's hard not to get excited. Wait...did I not mention some of the names tied to this; brace yourself!


Nuff said?

You got the horror GOD that is Eli and so we have the gorgeous and talented Lorenza Izzo making an appearance. Then there's the entity that birthed the TV phenomena Supernatural behind the script? Hello expectations, already started climbing to high heaven? Gotcha.

The House With a Clock in its Walls is set for cinema release towards the end of September this year in the UK & US.


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