I Like Trailers Some Times.

Velvet-ians! How are you all me lovelies! It has been a while and sooo much has happened in the film and media world that I have not taken the opportunity to ramble about, so now I am! I have interviews coming for you, I have reviews, the usual rambles and what not coming to you, because I not only missed YOU guys, I also missed being able to talk about films and stuff till I am blue in face….I guess blue in the fingers now since I’m typing? Does blue in the fingers sound creepy to anyone else?

So, as a ‘end of hiatus’  piece I am coming in with something simple and that is my great trailers that I have seen so far this week! After looking specifically for certain trailers and then clicking on suggestions, I found some of these little rose buds to talk about! Without further ado and more self answered, lame arsed joke questions; here’s my list -

First off, is Hot Summer Nights  the next film to come out with Timothee Chalamet headlining since the release of Call Me By Your Name & Ladybird.  This is a film I have heard about here and there, but had no idea what it was about or how Timothee played within it; CMBYN became my favourite film in a matter of seconds so it’s hard not to get excited every time I see Timothee, Armie or Luca Guadagnino’s name, but Ladybird did not explain how little screen time Timothee was getting, so I sort of assumed the same with Hot Summer Nights. This doesn’t seem to be the case, the film follows Timothee’s character having a summer to remember when he starts selling drugs and falling in love; with most drug related teen movies, the trailer suggests their great summer taking a dark turn. The style of filming looks really interesting, with this comic, teenage quickness and even  the costumes seem to obviously reflect and resemble the character that the character is be it cool, dorky, criminal or sweet.

Next is Krystal, the next Nick Robinson film, that I have seen, to be coming out since his HUGE success in Love, Simon. Krystal, however is very different from that, for one Nick plays a guy named Taylor; WITH A VERY STRONG SOUTHERN ACCENT. It threw me off a little bit and I have a little worry that the accent and the character may become two different entities but I'm an avid believer that Nick is an actor who can do anything and when he proves it, it’s awesome. Krystal seems to be this feel good-ish drama, with comedy and love and complication. Although this isn’t my typical film, the trailer did make me smile.

AHHH! Guys, they are bringing out a film about MARY-FREAKIN’-SHELLEY, yes you heard me, the Queen of the Modern Prometheus. Elle Fanning is playing the woman herself through the story of Shelley’s love, heartbreak and the creation of our monster. I can’t say a lot about this movie, except that I am extremely excited, there’s a lot of worthy actors in it and EVERYONE SHOULD READ FRANKENSTEIN!

American Animals, Evan Peters shows us again that if he’s in something that starts with American he’s phenomenal in it; I know that’s a big comment to make since I have not seen this film, only it’s trailer, but honestly guys this crime movie looks awesome. A league of it’s own could be created if the trailer is truthful in it’s snippet portrayal.

I could talk forever about even more trailers, but I have saved a couple for their own individual pieces because I have seen no other option but to go on about them for the earlier mentioned duration of forever. But, in the classic style of film bloggers here are some honourable mentions of trailers worth checking out, watch out for the last one it'll get ya:

Freak Show
Alex & The List
The Escape
Final Portrait

So yeah, there’s a couple I liked that I stumbled upon this week and more trailers coming your way, two in particular I’m very excited about!

Go watch these trailers, stumble yourselves and I’ll see you soon Velvet-ians!



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